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Vilhelm Hertz

Vilhelm Hertz Walking Stick Oak

Vilhelm Hertz Walking Stick Oak

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With our Vilhelm Hertz walking stick, genuine craftsmanship and modern design are combined in one package. This is not just a cane - it's a luxurious mobility solution.

Our T-shaped walking stick stands out for its unique combination of wood and carbon fiber, resulting in a surprisingly light cane that reduces the strain on your arm.

The cane is equipped with an oak handle that is hand-turned and treated with linseed oil to ensure a smooth, comfortable surface. This detail, combined with the carbon fiber bar, ensures that the strain on your elbows and shoulders is minimized.

This cane is ideal for those who experience balance problems or frequent wobbly movements. But this is not just an aid, it is a statement that mobility and style can go hand in hand.

Garanti & Levering

  • 100% tilfredsheds garanti
  • Leveringspris: Gratis i Danmark
  • Leveringstid: 1-3 hverdage
  • Returret: 30 dage

Prøv gratis🖤

Vi tilbyder gratis levering og retur, så du kan prøve stokken helt gratis. Hvis størrelsen ikke passer, så kan du kvit og frit sende tilbage til os.

Which size?

  • Cane length of 94 cm: Suitable for people between 176-190 cm in height.
  • Cane length of 86 cm: Suitable for people between 165-175 cm in height.
  • Cane length of 79 cm: Suitable for people between 147-164 cm in height.

Care instructions

Vilhelm Hertz is designed to last a lifetime. The product is easy to maintain with gentle cleaning and oil treatment with linseed oil.

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  • Made from high-quality oak combined with carbon fiber, which ensures both strength and lightweight features.

  • T-shaped cane that represents a unique fusion of traditional craftsmanship and modern design.

  • Hand-turned oak handle treated with linseed oil for a smooth and comfortable surface.

  • Lightweight construction that reduces the strain on the arm and makes the stick easy to handle.

  • Designed to minimize strain on elbows and shoulders

The handle

The handle on our canes has been designed in close collaboration with physiotherapists to reduce the strain on arms and shoulders as much as possible.

Unlike conventional canes and crutches, our handle is designed so that it does not fit perfectly in the hand. This innovative design encourages a natural adjustment of the grip, which promotes changing hand positions during use.

Our approach is based on the well-known physiological principle:

"The best position is the next position."

This emphasizes the importance of movement and adaptation, which is essential for both comfort and health in the use of our canes.

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Flexible carbon fiber

Developed in close collaboration with experts in physiology, our cane is made of flexible carbon fiber to reduce the strain on the arms and shoulders. This creates a more natural gait.

The flexibility of the rod is inspired by the agile movements of the animal world, which provides a more organic and pleasant user experience.

The robust carbon fiber rod also has an impressive breaking strength of 800 kg, which ensures both durability and safety.

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From idea to walking stick

  • 1. Design

    At Vilhelm Hertz, we understand the importance of delivering a product that meets the highest standards for quality and safety. We are committed to providing a cane that is not only visually attractive, but also robust, safe and comfortable to use.

  • 2. Durability

    When we design a new walking stick, it goes through a rigorous testing process. This begins with durability tests where we subject our sticks to various loads to simulate years of use. It is not only about ensuring that our poles are durable, but also about guaranteeing that they are safe and stable in different situations.

  • 3. Stability

    Safety is paramount to us. Therefore, we test the stability of the cane on different surfaces, and we ensure that our non-slip rubber shoes work effectively to prevent the cane from slipping. It is our goal to provide our users with the best possible security and support.

  • 4. Test subjects

    Finally, when it comes to the user experience, we let our test subjects use the canes in their daily life. Your feedback is invaluable and gives us insight into how our product works in the real world, as well as how we can improve its functionality and comfort.