Size guide

It is absolutely essential for your comfort that your new Vilhelm Hertz crutch is measured and adjusted correctly. All Vilhelm Hertz crutches are handmade in many different sizes, enabling you to choose the most correct size. That said, crutches should fit preciously to leave as little stain on arms and shoulders.

So we do recommend that you ask your physiologist, chiropractor or doctor to get their opinion on the chosen size. Remember Vilhelm Hertz crutches are designed to last a life time, so making sure the size is perfect is time well spend.

We would always like to be responsible for measuring your new crutch or cane, but there can be many reasons why you need to be responsible for the measurement yourself.

It is about the height of the crutch as well as the height and width of your armrest.

How to measure the height of a Vilhelm Hertz crutch

The height of the crutch is measured from the floor to the top of the handle. It is therefore not the full length of the crutch that you must measure.

You can possibly measure the height of an existing crutch you already use and which is set correctly for you. If you do NOT have an existing crutch, see tips for measuring in the video.

How to measure the height of the armrest on a Vilhelm Hertz crutch

It is important that the armrest does not disturb the skin that moves up on the elbow, and it is therefore very important that the armrest is not too high.

You measure the arm support by taking a pencil in your hand, clenching it, putting your forearm to your chest and measuring the distance from the pencil to your upper arm. And then you subtract three centimeters. Watch the video for further instructions.

How to measure up to the width of your armrest for a Vilhelm Hertz crutch

Use a measuring tape that you use to measure your forearm at the widest point. Then we have the measurement for the width of the armrest for your crutch.

Contact We are very happy with clarifying questions about measurements or anything else.