• Split

    the iconic piece that marked the beginning of Vilhelm Hertz. This crutch draws inspiration from the classic English axillary crutches, known for their underarm support, and marries it with the elegance and simplicity of Danish furniture design. The creation of the "Split" crutch is a testament to extreme precision and exemplary craftsmanship.

  • Ildrager

    Ildrager is made from robust oak wood, high-strength carbon fiber, and premium grain leather, this crutch is designed to be both lightweight and flexible. Its unique construction allows for a gentle flexibility, ensuring that the strain on your arms and shoulders is minimized.

  • Mumi

    A contemporary reinterpretation of the classic axillary crutch, reimagined for modern functionality and style. Crafted from the finest oak wood, combined with premium grain leather and reinforced with high-strength carbon fiber. Its design prioritizes flexibility, ensuring it adapts to your movements while minimizing strain on your arms and shoulders.

Vilhelm Hertz

Vilhelm Hertz is more than just a brand - it is a dedication to turning mobility into an art. We create aesthetically pleasing, high quality canes and crutches that strike a balance between great design and practical functionality.

Each Vilhelm Hertz product is handmade in Denmark, bringing a rare combination of traditional craftsmanship and modern design philosophy to your home. We believe in creating products that are robust and reliable, but at the same time speak to your personal style.

Our poles are designed with a carefully selected combination of hand-turned oak and carbon fiber, ensuring a light but durable experience. Each product is carefully designed to provide comfort while enhancing your independence and confidence.

Vilhelm Hertz is inspired by a simple conversation, a challenge to create something better than what is already out there. We have taken up this challenge and created a range of products that reflect our commitment to design, quality and functionality.

At Vilhelm Hertz, we believe that every step you take is a chance to express who you are. Regardless of whether you choose one of our elegant walking sticks or our functional crutches, you get a product that has been designed with care, concern and a strong sense of Danish design heritage.

Discover the difference with Vilhelm Hertz - where fantastic design meets effortless mobility.

  • German Design Award 2024

    Vilhelm Hertz wins the prestigious German design award in the aids category.

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  • Good Design Award 2022

    Winner of the international design award Good Design Award in 2022

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  • The policy

    Cover article in Politikken's culture section, dealing with aids.

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  • Paralympic Games

    The Japanese torchbearer during the Paralympic Games uses Vilhelm Hertz crutches 2021.

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  • Recognized in Japan

    Vilhelm Hertz has had great success in Japan, where they appreciate the Nordic-minimalist design with a sense of quality.

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  • The Norwegian Art Foundation

    Vilhelm Hertz is the only aid product that has received support from the state's art fund.

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Our mission

We believe that aesthetics are essential to feeling like a whole person. That is why we design and produce beautiful, functional and durable crutches, canes and other aids. Our goal is to set people with disabilities free from prejudice and limitations. Both own and others'.

Our aids are a direct extension of the Danish design tradition when it comes to clean lines, quality, comfort and materials. Our crutches are designed and handcrafted in navy oak, grain leather, aluminium, carbon fiber and ash wood.

But even though we pay tribute to the traditions, we are also proud to break notions, barriers and custom when it comes to aesthetics within aids.

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Over the past 7 years, our founder, Kristoffer, has fought to change the perception of how we see disability.

Kristoffer believes that you should not see yourself as disabled, but rather that you have a disability.

A big difference that over the years has changed many people's lives for the better.

Today, we work based on the same philosophy, namely to create aids that are an extension of the user - not just a tool.

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