Over the years, Vilhelm Hertz has gained international recognition for our unique contributions to Danish design in the field of mobility aids.

We are proud to be among the few design companies globally that specialize in high-end, designer crutches and walking sticks.

It has been an honor for us to have the opportunity to develop and promote awareness of the rich Danish design tradition.

This journey has not only been an exploration of aesthetics and functionality but also a tribute to the profound design heritage that Denmark is known for worldwide.

    • German Design Award 2024

      Vilhelm Hertz's walking sticks and crutches have gained international recognition by winning the prestigious German Design Award in the category of aids. This award confirms our position as a leader in design innovation and aesthetics in the assistive technology industry.

    • Good Design Award 2022

      Vilhelm Hertz has achieved a significant honor by being awarded the Japan Design Award, sponsored by the Institute for Design Promotion, which is Japan's most prestigious recognition in the field of design.

    • Paralympic Games

      The renowned Japanese torchbearer, Haruho Watanabe, chose Vilhelm Hertz crutches as his preferred walking aid during the 2021 Paralympic Games.

    • The policy

      The cover article in Politiken's culture section puts the spotlight on Vilhelm Hertz's innovative approach to transforming traditional aids into genuine design products. The article dives deep into our unique focus on merging functionality with aesthetics and how we challenge the conventional perception of assistive devices.

    • Danish Arts Foundation

      Vilhelm Hertz has the unique honor of being the only aid that receives support from the Danish Arts Foundation. This is a significant step forward in our efforts to transform the perception of traditional crutches from being merely a functional aid to being recognized as a true work of art.

    • Recognized in Japan

      Vilhelm Hertz has achieved great popularity in Japan with our range of walking canes and crutches. Our strategic decision to expand our product line with items made from ash wood, a material that deeply resonates with Japanese cultural heritage, has proven to be a remarkable success.