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Vilhelm Hertz

Vilhelm Hertz Split Crutch

Vilhelm Hertz Split Crutch

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This crutch was created with inspiration from Danish furniture art. We have placed a lot of emphasis on a material choice that wears beautifully and thus lasts for many years. The crutch gives an extremely good balance and feels very easy to walk with.

The handle is designed in turned oak and the armrest is in hand-stitched grain leather. All wood is treated with linseed oil. The rubber ferrule at the bottom has a diameter of 18 millimeters as standard, and the weight is around 650 grams, depending on the length of the crutch

"Split" is one of the first crutches we designed. It is inspired by the classic English Axillary crutches that go up under the armpit. A crutch model that is used far more often in the Anglo-Saxon countries than in Europe. By reducing and turning it 90 degrees, we made room for an aluminum foundation which carries the handle, thereby changing its function to a European elbow stick.

Dimensions and material

Care instructions

Vilhelm Hertz is designed to last a lifetime. The product is easy to maintain with gentle cleaning and oil treatment with linseed oil.

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The Split crutch is our most exclusive crutch, crafted with extraordinary craftsmanship precision.

  • Made from Danish oak
  • Inspired by the classic axil crutch
  • The armrest is made of 100% hand-stitched grain leather
  • Handle of turned oak, and made to minimize stress on arms and shoulders

The split crutch is testimony to Vilhelm Hertz's commitment to the production of quality aids.

The crutch is produced in very limited quantities.